Computer Repair Services

Cleburne, TX Residential Computer Repair Service

Cleburne PC Repair offers many services to our residential customers.  No need to worry about how long it will take because we come to you and handle your problem right away.  We have over 17 years experience in the computer repair field. We also own a PC repair business in Whitney, TX where we are available  for in shop repairs.  We are now also offering computer repair in Waco, TX.  Dropping your computer off and saving a little is sometimes more appealing to our customers.  We try to do anything and everything to make every customer feel like #1.  We pride ourselves in our ability to share knowledge with the customer in a way that’s easy to understand.

Our Residential Computer Services

  • Virus Removal / Malware Removal / Adware Removal
  • Set-up Email or troubleshooting email problems
  • Fix Windows File Errors
  • Fix Blue Screen Errors
  • Fix problems with Windows Update
  • Set-up New Computer and transfer data from old computer
  • Data Recovery
  • Backup plans – cloud or onsite
  • RAM Memory and other system upgrades
  • Fix slow computers
  • Tune-up / scheduled maintanence
  • Windows OS install and upgrades (Windows vista,7,8,10)
  • Repair corrupted files
  • Diagnostics
  • We fix broken LCD on laptops and tablets
  • replace and repair fans
  • replace power supply when computer will not turn on
  • Replace broken power jack when your laptop won’t get power.
  • We install wireless and hard-wired networks
  • Troubleshooting network problems
  • install video cards and other add ins
  • install and troubleshoot printer problems
  • training and phone support
  • Remote support
  • helping with warranty process
  • Is your internet service provider giving you the run around.  We can call them for you
  • setting up or removing security on your wireless network
  • setting up your printer to print from your iphone
  • help with all types of software problems
  • email configuration in outlook, outlook express, windows live mail, thunderbird, etc.
  • backup and importing emails from outlook, windows live mail, etc.
  • back up and importing contacts in outlook, windows live mail, etc.
  • installing smart TV’s
  • mounting flat screen tv’s
  • install signal booster for cell phones
  • install wireless surveillance cameras
  • help with ipads, tablets, dish, directtv, and about anything technology related.
  • Just about anything you can think of related to computers.
We offer computer repair in Cleburne, TX and across Johnson County.

We offer computer repair in Cleburne, TX and across Johnson County.

Businesses That We Recommend

Business Computer Repair Service in Cleburne, TX

Your business really needs someone it can depend on when they need it.  We offer many I.T. related services including the following.

  • Preventative maintenance –  Don’t wait till it’s broke to fix it.  it is better to try to prevent problems rather than wait until they have already happened.  We can get your on a schedule where we regularly maintain all of your computers at your business location.  We recommend maintenance quarterly, but some customers prefer to go with the monthly plan. Our preventative maintenance includes everything that should be checked to let you rest assured that your machines are always going to be running at optimum performance.  We check several things on the hardware end of things and the software end.  For hardware, some of the things that we check include fans, hard drive diagnostics, memory diagnostics, and full system diagnostics when needed.  For the software end of things, we make sure that we check security and performance.  This can include ensuring that all updates and security packs are installed regularly.  This also includes making sure antivirus is always up to date and running properly along with many other things software related.There is alot more to this service feel free to ask if you have any questions.
  • Backup solutions –  In business your data is one of the most important pieces that you have.  Could you imagine losing your entire customer list?  What about losing all of your inventory or even worse your Quickbooks data. That could be devastating. We can help with all types of back up solutions including cloud based and onsite backups  There is noting worse than waiting until the data is already gone before you realize how hard it is to recreate everything.
  • Break/ Fix