Best Gaming Keyboards in 2018

These are the very best keyboards you can buy for PC gaming. Best overall
Best under $100
Best budget mechanical
Best membrane
Best wireless

Best overall

Corsair K95

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The Corsair K95 is not cheap but you get a ridiculous amount of gaming keyboard for the price. You get a choice of Cherry MX Speed or Brown switches, the former being better for gaming while sacrificing a little in everyday use. The K95 is also packed with RGB lighting, macro keys and a really handy volume wheel. The K95 is built with an aluminum frame, so it will withstand the rigors of the daily gaming grind, textured keycaps in places such as the space bar, and 8MB of onboard storage for lighting and macro profiles so you don’t need access to any software to make them operate when you’re on the road. The K95 costs around $200 for the MX Brown version or $160 for the MX Speed. Best Gaming Keyboards in 2018

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