Best Windows Alternative to the MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro’s are great computers.  I have had four repair calls for mac’s over the last 17 years compared to hundreds of pc’s.  However, I prefer a Windows computer over macs any day.

Best overall Runner up Larger screen For gamers Best overall Microsoft Surface Book 2 See at Microsoft Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is about the best Windows laptop on the market today. Its removable keyboard base, Surface Pen, and 13.5-inch or 15-inch touchscreen together create the perfect machine for creatives and professionals alike. Battery life is solid, the keyboard is a pleasure to type on, and the touchpad is precise. What more could you ask for? Prices start at $1,199 for the 13-inch model. Bottom line: This is a true Windows laptop for professionals and creators. Best Windows Alternative to the MacBook Pro

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