Connecting to the Internet in Windows 7

What may be simple to you may be very difficult to another.  I have had many customers over the years have problems connecting to the internet.  Diagnosing internet connection problems can be tricky sometimes.   You have to narrow down the problem to a computer related problem, a network related problem, or something on the internet companies end.

The first thing that I do when unable to connect to the internet on a laptop is to make sure that the wifi button has not been disabled.  This is also sometimes a switch on the front or sides.

Thisis another useful tip for comuters.Another very common problem is network related.  For this I unplug the power on the router along with any other switches, hubs, and other network equipment.  After that is a good time to reboot the computer restart any printers or other devices connected to the wifi, and then plug the wireless router back into power along with any other network equipment that had been unplugged.

After giving everything a few minutes to get reloaded, you are ready to try to connect to the wireless router again.  If you are still having difficulty, check out the video above. I thought it had some great tips for connecting to the internet.

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