Top 3 Reasons Why Your Computer Freezes Windows 10, Malware, and More

There are several things that can cause a computer to freeze or run slow. This info graphic covers them all fairly well. Some of my computer tips about diagnosing a freezing computer are the following:

  1.   Test the hard drive  – many times your hard drive can be spinning too slow or have bad sectors, etc.  They can work for months while they are on there way out the door.   I recommend purchasing a solid state drive the next time you upgrade or replace your computer.  They are much faster.
  2. Cick Start then type msconfig  then right click on it and click run as administrator.  Click the startup tab and uncheck any programs that you do not use all of the time.  This will not delete the program, but instead it will make it only open  when you need it rather than running in the backgroundd all of the time.
  3. go to and download adwcleaner Scan with it and remove anything that it finds.

Freeze! Reasons Why The Computer Freezes #infographic

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