Ultimate Tips to Make Windows 8 Faster than ever also applies to Windows 8.1

Windows 8 or 8.1 are not operating systems that I would recommend, but if you have a computer with these versions here is an article with some great tips about how to make the best out of it.

Every Windows computer gets slow and sluggish by the time we use it, since we install numbers of program and store many files into the computer, and system starts using more resources and different services runs in the background which also consume unnecessary resources, windows 8 & 8.1  uses high system resources than previous versions of windows like XP and Windows 7, Since windows 8 offers more functionality and system security it does consume more RAM and Processor to make any program run smooth. Whatever Microsoft tries to make windows 8 faster but it get slower and slower by the time we use it, there are following reason why windows 8 & 8.1 gets slow –

  1. Windows acquires Junk files rapidly.
  2. Inbuilt windows look and appearance features.
  3. Performance based on power consumption.
  4. Default folder and search options.
  5. Unnecessary system services.
  6. Lots of startup programs.
  7. Fragmented Files.
  8. Unnecessary Programs and software.
  9. Registry problem and errors.
  10. Malware, adware and Viruses into Computer.

So above are the possible cause which slows down a Windows 8, 8.1 computer, now let’s find the way to fix these problems and make windows 8 faster.

Now to overcome the Slow Windows 8 Problem here is the ultimate tips which will surely make windows 8 faster than ever. Since window 8.1 is not much different than windows 8 so this tutorial also works on windows 8.1 without any problem. By any chance if your computer is too slow to perform any task even these optimization try to boot your windows 8 computer in safe mode.

1. Disk Cleanup And Junk Removal

Open My Computer and Right Click on C drive and go to properties from there click on Disk Cleanup.

it may take time depending on the amount of junk files into your computer, once the scan is complete select every option and click on OK to delete them.


After this download and install CCleaner and run it once, it will find junk from other areas of your computer and delete them within few clicks.

2. Customize Windows appearance and Disable Animations

Windows default shadows and Animation reduces system performance, by choosing the appropriate look and feel you can drastically increase windows 8 performance, follow these steps-

  1. Press Win + R key together and you will get RUN dialog box.
  2. Type sysdm.cpl and hit OK.
  3. You’ll get System Properties dialog Box now click on Advanced tab and again Click on Settings under Performance option.


  1. Now Uncheck Following Options –
    •  Animate controls and elements inside windows
    • Animate Windows when minimizing and maximizing
    • Animation in the Taskbar
    • Fade or slide menus into view
    • Fade or slide ToolTips into view
    • Fade out menu items after clicking
    • Save taskbar thumbnail previews
    • Show shadows under mouse pointer
    • Show shadows under windows
    • Show translucent selection rectangle
    • Slide open combo boxes
    • Smooth -scroll list boxes

Make it looks like the image at the right-hand side, after unchecking these options click on Apply then OK. This tips has major contribution to make windows 8 faster.

3. Adjust Power Options

Windows 8 can be optimized by adjusting the power options, if you don’t care of little extra power consumption by your laptop or desktop then adjust it for higher Performance, to do so –

Open control panel and go to Power options from there select High Performance.


4. Change Folder and Search Options

By default windows 8, 8.1 have the folder and search options which you may not be using, disabling such option improves windows performance up to optimum level. Follow these steps –

  1. Open File Explorer and Go to View option, from there click on Options.
  2. Now Click on Change folder and search options and you will get Folder Options dialog box.
  3. Click on View Tab there and uncheck the following options –
    1. Display file size information in folder tips
    2. Hide empty drives in the Computer folder
    3. Hide extensions for known file types
    4. Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color
    5. Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items.

After un-checking the unnecessary options hit Apply and OK.


5. Stop Unnecessary Windows Services to Start Automatically

Windows 8 & 8.1 has many such services which start automatically even you don’t need them to run, they keeps running in the background which consumes system resources and make your computer slow, so it is always a good practice to strict such services to start automatically, below are the steps to do this –

  1. Press Win +R key together to open Run dialog box.
  2. Type services.msc and hit OK, and you will get the list of services.
  3. Now mark these services to run Manually by Right Click on service name > Properties > Startup Type and Select Manual and Hit Apply and OK, Services to be marked as Manual are –
    1. Diagnostic Policy Service
    2. Diagnostic Tracking Service
    3. Offline Files
    4. Performance Logs and Alerts
    5. Print Spooler (If you don’t use printer otherwise leave it Automatic)
    6. Program Compatibility Assistance
    7. Secondary Logon
    8. Windows Error Reporting Service
    9. Windows Image Acquisition.

limiting above windows services results in faster access to the required windows services.

6. Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs

When you boot into the computer there are many programs which start itself with windows startup and keeps running until you manually close them, it is advised to disable startup programs in order to fast boot up of Windows.

  1. Press clrl+shift+esc keys together and it will open task manager, now go to Startup tab.
  2. Find the Unnecessary Programs and Right Click > Disable you can disable all startup programs.

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