Virus & Malware Infections Have Made Up 72% of My Computer Repair Service Calls in 2017!

Virus Infection: Computer Repair Tips - An Infographic from Infographics Showcase

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Can you believe that virus & malware infections are responsible for the majority of my computer repair calls.  I hope you find the following computer tips for virus & malware infections useful:

  1. Always keep your Antivirus, Windows Updates, Adobe Flash, etc. up to date.
  2. Scan daily with malwarebytes
  3. Scan weekly with adwcleaner
  4. If you are not real tech savvy, make sure that when you are searching in google not to click the top 3-4 listings.  The majority of the time they are ads. Please see the examples below.  This is how most people typically get malware.  I did a search for windows update.  Note the very top result says Microsoft Windows Updates.  Many people click on that because they think its actually the Microsoft Windows update.  However it is not. See the next Photo to discover where this ad takes you.


example of how people get malware commonly

It takes you to a page that acts like its going to install the Windows Update for your current version, however, no matter which version of windows you click on it just installs a malware/junkware called driver support.  I find this on over half of my customers computers.

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