Top Local SEO Ranking Factors for 2018 and Beyond From The Trenches

When it comes to local SEO, This info graphic covering ranking factors is very accurate. Citations still play a big part, however, I have ranked local sights with as little as two to three citations. Many people say that reviews are a ranking factor, however, in my testing I have not seen any movement from reviews. I do think that it will become more and more important to have several reviews and also goo reviews. One of the biggest ranking factors that I have seen is proper GMB Google My Business setup including category setup, geo tagging images, posting regularly from within the Google My Business dashboard, and many more such as:

  •  Generating Geo Relevance – There are several on page and off page factors to ensure that google finds you geographically relevant.
  • Local Links –  Links for other local websites can be more powerful than links from sites with high domain authority and trust flow.
  • Branding – ensuring that your brand is captured across all social media and that you are active on all of the important ones.
  • Schema Markup – personally i like J-SON LD for local business schema markup
  • Embedding your google map on your website.
  • Many, many more.


GOOGLE MAPS SEO – How To Boost Google Places and Local SEO Services! - An Infographic from World Class Media

Embedded from World Class Media

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