For Under $40, You Can Get The Skills To Start An IT Career With This Training Bundle

We’ll admit IT probably wasn’t the career path we dreamed of pursuing back in kindergarten. But it’s way easier to sell 5-year-olds on the perks of being an astronaut or firefighter than it is a director of IT or CTO.

But, with sky-high salaries and demand aplenty in 2020, building a career in IT is something many of us grown-ups dream about.

Want to get started? The Complete 2020 Cloud Certification Training Bundle can turn you into a bona fide IT pro with expertise in the cloud technology that’s especially relevant in today’s digital landscape. The package can be yours now for over 90 percent off, just $39.99.

Over all 12 courses featured in this collection, you’ll get an inside look at all the most important aspects of installing, managing, securing and growing a cloud-based network in 2020.

Of course, no discussion of current cloud platforms would begin without the undisputed kingpin of cloud systems, Amazon Web Services (AWS). This package includes nine courses covering AWS from all angles, walking newcomers through the galaxy of AWS terms and services and helping users learn how to get started.

Whether you need to know data storage with Amazon S3, how to host domains with Route 53 or how to better gauge growing your systems through EC2, this coursework can show you the way and even prepare you to become a true AWS pro by passing the AWS Solution Architect Certification Training exam.

While AWS is unquestionably massive, that doesn’t mean you can safely ignore the other major cloud platforms. In fact, you’ll also get a window into the similarities and differences of using Microsoft’s Azure platform, as you get a feel for why it may become AWS’ most potent cloud challenger yet.

Finally, this training will also give you experience tracking all your system updates and changes using GIT, as well as how to automate repetitive command situations with Ansible.

The expertise is all right there — and at just $39.99, literally thousands off the regular price of this collection, it’s an economical start on the path to a six-figure salary as a knowledgeable cloud admin.

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