From Ardunio To Raspberry Pi To ESP32, This Is Your Guidebook Training To DIY Electronics

If you love gadgets, inventing or just plain old simple problem solving, then you were born at the right time. In the past decade, the explosion of DIY electronics environments around items like Arduino circuit boards, the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, and ESP32 microcontrollers have helped make virtually any crazy idea possible.

Want to build a motion-detecting ping pong ball launcher? Someone’s way ahead of you! Think it’d be cool to turn a DSLR into a night-sky astronomy device? Heck yeah, it would! Or wanna turn a Raspberry Pi into your own FM radio transmitter station? Umm…of course!

The possibilities are endless. It’s all just knowing how to make all these varied pieces fit together into something amazing. With the training in The 2020 Complete Raspberry Pi and Arduino A-Z Hero Maker Bundle ($74.99, 84 percent off), you’ll have the necessary background to get started on some incredible projects.

You’ll spend almost 100 hours devouring nine separate courses and a pair of ebooks all exploring all the basics for the galaxy of potential in each of these hugely fertile creative arenas.

Tinkerers have used Arduino Uno boards as the skeleton for almost every type of electronics and robotics construction. The Arduino Step-by-Step: Getting Started and Arduino Step-by-Step: Getting Serious courses to help explain it all while walking users through a whole set of fun projects, building everything from a sensor-driven two-wheeled robot to your own working remote-controlled car to a web-connected home station for monitoring any environmental changes.

Raspberry Pis can do virtually anything, but you may not realize the role they’ve played in advancing blockchain and the mining of cryptocurrencies. The included course and ebook outline the entire process, allowing users to get a hands-on feel for what the cryptocurrency markets are all about and how you can actually make some real money in the process.

Meanwhile, if Arduino is the body and Raspberry Pi is the brain of many of these fun projects, then ESP32 and their low-powered transmitters might be seen as a nervous system. So the ESP32 for Busy People and ESP32 Unleashed courses examine how this WiFi and Bluetooth enabled components work and can be blended into a larger project.

To take all this training separately would cost nearly $500, so get in on this deal now to save hundreds off the price and get all this super-cool learning for just $74.99.

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