If You Want A New Career As A Software Developer, There Are Some Things You Need To Know

With U.S. unemployment now landing more than 40 million Americans out of work, career examinations aren’t just common these days — they’re practically mandatory. If your old job (or even your current job) wasn’t satisfying your needs financially or spiritually, there’s no time like today to start down a new — and hopefully, more lucrative — career path.

With the average salary for a software developer currently just over $100,000 a year, spending your time conceiving and creating web experiences could be the ticket to a happier and certainly better-paying future. The basis for that career shift is available in courses found in The Software Developer Certification Bundle, now more than 90 percent off its regular price at only $39.96.

A nine-course package featuring over 40 hours of training, this collection assembles in-depth tutorials in some of the trade’s most powerful tools, from coding languages to app building tools to the practical knowledge for turning a software development skillset into a thriving career.

Even novice coders can get in on some ground floor learning with the package, including training in foundational HTML with the HTML For Everyone: Real World Coding in HTML course, then moving to the equally influential Java with Java Programming: Learn Core Java and Improve Java Skills.

To take advantage of the market, you also need a strong rooting in more modern languages as well, some training in Python with Python: Learn Python with Real Python Hands-On Examples; or C# in C# in 6 Hours: C# For Complete Beginners Learn C# by Coding can really round out your skillset. The Xamarin: Build Native Cross-Platform Apps with C# Codes course is also included so students can learn to use the versatile Xamarin framework to build apps with the native coding to work brilliantly across all app platforms. 

And since apps don’t just sell themselves, the Mobile App Marketing: Learn App Monetization From Scratch course offers sound strategies for how to market your app creations, including how to engage with potential users and find out how to get them to actually pay for your product.

With a regular price tag of nearly $1,400, you can currently steal this package for less than $5 per course at just $39.96.

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