Microsoft Azure Is Used By 95 Percent Of Fortune 500 Companies. Learn To Use Their Cloud Services Now.

AWS might be one of the more established platforms in the cloud services game, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. Azure, Microsoft’s own cloud computing answer to AWS, is being used by a whopping 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies. So if you want to make it big working in IT for a Fortune 500 company and your IT portfolio doesn’t include proficiency in the Azure environment, now’s the time to correct that with The Ultimate Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Prep Courses and Mock Exams Bundle.

This collection has a fairly straight-forward objective to teach new Azure users everything they need to know to pass a number of Microsoft’s own Azure certification exams. In addition to all the important Azure training, this package includes a huge assortment of intensive Azure practice exams, including 15-question quizzes and up to five full-length simulation tests each to get you familiar with all the mechanics of taking these all-important certification tests.

From the basic do’s and don’ts of cloud services to tactics for optimized data processing, storage norms, security and the proper scaling of an Azure cloud-based system, the 13 courses and exam prep options here can put any student on the fast track to accomplished and accredited Azure mastery.

This comprehensive Azure collection comes with a price tag approaching $700, but you’ll get the whole thing now for just $29 if you strike before this offer runs out.

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