Need To Learn To Code? Learnable Can Get You There Without Breaking Your Brain Or Wallet

Learning to code doesn’t have to be the arduous process that many uninitiated assume it to be. While grasping all the intricacies of programming certainly aren’t simple, some learning methods approach education through gamification. By turning important lessons and critical knowledge acquisition into quick, achievable tasks that resemble a game level, even coding starts to feel a whole lot less scary.

That was the premise behind the creation of Learnable, a web-based education system that helps turn the often intimidating world of computer programming into clean, relatable, easily digestible learning. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to all of Learnable’s Learn to Code training at over 75 percent off the regular price, just $39.99.

Right off the bat, even students new to the concept of coding will see that the Learnable method is very user-friendly and geared toward getting you familiar with the core tenets of programming fast.

When you log into Learnable via desktop on on iOS or Android devices, this e-learning platform makes it easy to dive into some of the more basic of coding disciplines like Java, PHP, and SQL all the way up to more involved training in C#, C++, Python, Swift and more.

No matter which skill you choose, Learnable will lead you from baseline skills up to practical application with rewards along the way. As you accrue progress points, advance levels and earn specific course badges, you’ll probably feel like you do when you beat Candy Crush…but instead, you’ll actually be earning a new and extremely important 21st century skill set.

Learnable’s Study Planner can help keep your education on track, allowing you to better organize your lessons when you’re ready for a job interview or just reacquaint yourself with something you may have forgotten.

And since learning something new isn’t always a picnic, you can turn it all off once in a while and let Learnable’s built-in Meditation app calmly recenter your thoughts and offer some peace before you dive back in.

Right now, a subscription good for all of Learnable’s coding training for life is almost $150 off, only $39.99 while this current offer lasts.

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