PHP Brings The Web To Life. Learn To Use It In Your Web Projects For Under $30

Without the ever-popular PHP scripting language, most of the world’s most important websites wouldn’t exist. Google, Facebook, and YouTube all would cease to be without the server-side power of PHP driving information access and dynamic web performance.

As a vital tool in any skilled programmer’s collection, you can learn all the steps of using PHP in all your web projects with the training found in The Essential PHP Coding Bundle ($29.99, over 90 percent off).

As a foundational piece of web development, this four-course collection in all things PHP can help you get familiar and ultimately hired as a well-rounded, cross-disciplinary full-service coder.

The Fundamentals of PHP Training Course serves as a thorough introduction to PHP, walking learners through basic functions, how to set up a server using PHP as well as how it integrates into dynamic web design. This PHP Development with the Laravel Framework Training Course will help you discover how to use the open-source Larvel framework in tandem with PHP to handle tasks from developing homepages to creating accounts to activating emails.

In PHP Object Oriented Programming: Build a Login System Training Course, students find out how PHP and OOP work together as they start creating their own systems. Then, dig deeper into how object-oriented programming and system behaviors work in a Python language environment with the Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals Training Course.

The course package is a $500 value, but with this latest price cut offer, you can pick up all this training for under $8 per course, just $29.99.

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