Study For Huawei’s & MikroTik’s IT Certification Exams With This $39 Training Bundle

Large IT certification providers like Cisco and Microsoft currently dominate the IT market, but as more companies switch to vendors like Huawei and MikroTik for enterprise-level networking solutions, the demand for IT professionals who understand their technology has skyrocketed. If you’re looking to expand your IT expertise with a Huawei or MikroTik certification, this $39 training bundle can help.

The Huawei & MikroTik Certified Security Engineer Training Bundle features 10 courses that will help you prepare for Huawei’s and MikroTik’s certification exams. For example, the collection includes two lab-based entry-level and intermediate courses on Huawei HCIA-HNTD, which covers routing and switching using Huawei’s vendor-specific IT platform. Similarly, this bundle features eight courses on MikroTik, ranging from basic networking configurations to advanced skills like configuring a VPN on RouterOS and managing access points with CAPsMAN.

Huawei and MikroTik are starting to make a name for themselves in the IT field, so it’s useful to add their certifications to your arsenal. The Huawei & MikroTik Certified Security Engineer Training Bundle is on sale today for just $39, or 98 percent off.

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