Setting up and how to use the Your Phone app on Windows 10

Your Phone for Windows 10 is currently in testing, so here’s how to set it up. Want to try out the new Your Phone app on Windows 10? We’ve got you covered with a quick how-to showcasing all the steps you need to take to get things set up and ready to go. How to use the Windows 10 Your Phone app

Right now, the Your Phone app only works on Android, and it allows you to see and share photos from your Android device directly on your PC. You must be a Windows Insider for this feature to function at this time. So, to begin, you need to open up the Your Phone app on your PC. How to set up and use the Your Phone app on Windows 10

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I didn’t find this feature useful at all as and Iphone user.  Hopefully android and windows phone users find this feature more useful.

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