Whitney PC Repair – Waco Now Offering Computer Repair Nearby 76706

If you live in Waco, TX or any of the surrounding communities you will be happy to learn that Whitney PC Repair – Waco is now hear to help you with all of your computer problems.  They have been offering services in Whitney and Hillsboro for over 10 years and are very excited to have the opportunity to serve the Waco area.

Check out some of there most popular computer services in Waco!

  • Computer Training
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Residential Computer Repair
  • Business Computer Repair
  • Emergency Computer Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Backup
  • Install / Troubleshoot Software
  • Install Quickbooks
  • Troubleshoot Quickbooks Errors
  • Back-up / Recovery of Quickbooks Company Files
  • Virus Removal
  • Malware Removal
  • Repair Windows Errors (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista)
  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • System upgrades (add RAM Memory, etc.)
  • Laptop Screen Repair
  • Macintosh or Windows Computers

Best Computer Repair Service in Waco, TX!

Computer Repair Service in Waco, TX!

Whitney PC Repair – Waco
3305 Southerland Dr
Waco, TX 76706
(254) 716-6497

Stop paying your ISP rental fees and get this $35 TP-Link cable modem

 Save on monthly fees from your ISP by buying this TP Link Modem for under $35.  This has got to be one of the best computer tips of the year.

Better than a rental. The TP-Link TC-7620 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem is down to $34.99 on Amazon from a street price around $58. This cable modem rarely drops below $55, but it recently dropped to $45 and the coupon code 10762010D3 takes another $10 off the price. It’s definitely the best deal we’ve seen. We always recommend buying your modem and router instead of renting from your Internet Service Provider because the devices end up paying for themselves soon enough. You should also check with your ISP to make sure this router is compatible with your Internet. Stop paying your ISP rental fees and get this $35 TP-Link cable modem

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Fastest Way to Scan Large Number of Photos at Home

After recently taking on a job of scanning almost 200 photos, I searched for useful computer tips for bulk scanning photos.  This may be useful to many!

My father recently decided to start scanning all of our baby and childhood photos using his HP flatbed scanner at home and quickly realized that it would take years to scan all the photos into the computer if he did it one by one. He then looked into buying some more expensive equipment that could Fastest Way to Scan Large Number of Photos at Home

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How to change your Twitter password

Keep those Tweets protected!

Twitter. Some people love it, some people hate it. No matter your take, you should ensure that your account is as safe as can be if you use the social network.

To keep your account as secure as can be, we recommend changing your password and enabling two-factor authentication if you don’t have it turned on already.

Without further ado, let’s get started. How to change your Twitter password

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I get asked this often so I thought I would share!

Fun Computer Tricks 2018 – Hidden Folders & More

This youtube video is well worth the watch.  You will learn some really cool computer tips and tricks that I was even unaware of. Some of the things you will learn are:

  • How to create an invisible folder in Windows 10
  • How to watch Star Wars in Dos
  • How to hide a hard drive in Windows
  • How to block websites on your computer

When you are in over your head with computer problems sometimes its best to call an expert.  For trusted in home business and residential computer repair services in Waco, TX or the surrounding areas please contact us right away.

Whitney PC Repair
Waco, TX 76706
(254) 716-6497

32 Keyboard Shortcut Combinations That You Did Not Know!

With Windows 10 it is very handy knowing these keyboard combinations that make navigation much easier.  There has been several time that the mouse would not allow click on the start button so I have to use control + W to open the start menu.  The one most people are familiar with is CNTRL + ALT + DELETE.  There are a few great ones in this video that could very well keep you from having to call the computer repair shop next time your laptop freezes.

Computer Repair In Waco, TX Now Offered By Whitney PC Repair

Our sister company Whitney PC Repair is now offering business & residential computer repair services in Waco and the surrounding areas. Call anytime at (254) 716-6497.  Leave a voice message and text for faster response.

Whitney PC Repair
215 N. Brazos St.
Whitney, TX 76692
(254) 716-6497

They can help you with any of your computer problems as well as network setup (wired & wireless), consulting, website design, digital marketing, and just about anything tech related. Some of their most popular services as well as reviews are listed below.

Best Computer Repair Services in the Waco Area

  • Residential Computer Repair
  • Business Computer Repair
  • Laptop Repair
  • Speed Up Slow Computer
  • Computer Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
  • Virus Removal
  • Malware Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Transfer
  • Email Setup
  • Network Setup & Troubleshooting
  • Hard Drive Problems
  • Computer Training
  • Consulting
  • Tech Support
  • Website Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Lead Generation

computer repair Waco TX

Whitney PC Repair Customer Reviews


Ricky is the real deal. Best geek around. I’ve struggled with marketing for 35 years in my business. Especially in a digital world, old guys like me need help. He’s smart, but doesn’t make you feel like a dummy. Real person with real solutions. 6 stars.
Tom Leggott

Leggott Trailers of Waco Inc.
4902 S. Loop 340
(254) 754-5512

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Best Tips for Keeping Your Email Inbox Clean

One thing that I notice many of my customers struggling with is keeping their inbox clean and manageable.  When I stumbled across this great article on computerhope.com, I knew that I definitely needed to share this to add to my collection of computer tips that you might find useful. We also recommend computer repair Waco for more computer help.

These days, the majority of our most personal and important digital correspondence happens through email, so it’s important to keep it organized. Here are some tips for cleaning up your inbox.
Setup rules, filters, or labels

Today, all e-mail programs and online e-mail services have rules, filters, or a labeling system that allows you to move and otherwise organize incoming e-mail. Use these features to organize your e-mail and get to what is most important first. Below are some suggestions for rules we suggest trying first.

Move important and unimportant e-mails to a folder of their own.
Highlight or set priority to certain addresses. For example, a rule could be created to highlight any user in your address book.
Filter out common spam words that get into your inbox (e.g., Viagra).
In programs that support rules, mark messages that are not important to keep your inbox clean and prevent you from getting overwhelmed when you first open e-mail.
If you are getting lots of spam filter your e-mail through Gmail.

Do not be afraid to delete

After reading e-mail, always take action on that e-mail. Do not save it for later or move it into a folder to deal with later. If you are unable to take action on the e-mail, delegate it to someone else, or postpone it for later that day delete it. Every e-mail does not need a response and there is no reason to save e-mail that is going to be deleted later.
Automatic replies, FAQs, and canned responses

If you find yourself using the same reply over and over again, consider creating a list of your frequent replies that you can copy and paste. Or, try using a tool such as one of the ones listed below to help make replying to these e-mails even faster.

Thunderbird Quicktext – Fantastic Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail add-on.
Lifehacker Texter – Easy to use script tool that can be used in anywhere in Windows including e-mail.
AutoHotkey – Another great tool although much more advanced. However, this tool can be used to automate anything on the computer.
Keep it simple

Many times people over complicate their e-mail by creating dozens of different folders to help organize their e-mails. Keep it simple do not have dozens of different folders to organize your e-mail into.

If there is no way getting around your need for folders in e-mail use the rules to filter your messages into the folders. Folders can save hundreds of hours you may be spending thinking about and organizing each of the e-mails you receive.
Always do quick short replies

When replying to any of your e-mails try to keep the reply as quick as possible and do not spend too much time on an individual e-mail. We suggest spending no more than five minutes on a single e-mail and avoid anything longer than three paragraphs.

You are e-mail is not a calendar or to-do list

Many times a person’s inbox is full because they are treating it as a calendar of things that they need to do. Do not use your e-mail for this. Have a separate program or text document that keeps a list of things you need to do or that keep track of your calendar of events.

Unsubscribe from newsletters and disable notifies

Although you may have had good intentions when subscribing to a newsletter or other e-mail list these are often distracting and often clutter your e-mail. Unsubscribe from any newsletter you have not been reading.

The same is true for notifications from social network sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter you may be receiving. Disable all notifications about posts made on your wall, new friends, or followers, which clutter your inbox and distract you.
Do not reply to spam

If spam sneaks past your protection or rules never reply to it; just delete the message.

Discover the rest of the top 10 email inbox clean up tips at https://www.computerhope.com/tips/tip88.htm

The Biggest Tech Fails of the Last Decade

Any organization, be it a multi-billion-dollar corporate behemoth or lowly startup, can launch a hyped product that turns out to be total dud. We’ve seen our fair share of tech flops (this is the second time we round up products for a similar list), and while some very quickly

In no particular order of uselessness, here are our top ten biggest tech fails of the last ten years.


What’s more dangerous than an exploding phone? How about a toy aimed at kids that spontaneously catches fire? Not content with the risk of breaking limbs and maneuvering into traffic, several hoverboards came with an extra element of danger that could turn users into a non-superhero version of the Human Torch.


Not all the hoverboards were prone to bursting into flames; it was mainly the cheaply made knockoffs—of which there were a lot. But even some of the bigger name brands found themselves banned from retailers such as Target and Amazon over safety concerns.


Not all the hoverboards were prone to bursting into flames; it was mainly the cheaply made knockoffs—of which there were a lot. But even some of the bigger name brands found themselves banned from retailers such as Target and Amazon over safety concerns.

The final straw came when the United States Postal Service followed the lead of a number of airlines, including Delta, United, and American Airlines, by banning the devices from air transportation. Remember: if a toy has the potential to bring down a plane, it should only be given as a Xmas gift to people you really don’t like.


Like a shambling zombie from the Walking Dead, Microsoft’s Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile initiative managed to hang around for years before 2017 saw it take the figurative bullet to the head.


Not everyone disliked Windows Phones, and some of the Lumia handsets weren’t all that bad, but even though the concept of the Windows Mobile platform sounded good, it struggled to drag users away from Android and iOS. Little support from app developers and a lack of features you would expect to see in a smartphone ensured that the mobile market was one industry Microsoft wasn’t going to dominate.


In July, three years after version 8.1 shipped to users, Microsoft dropped support for the Windows phone. But at least Windows 10 Mobile was still alive—up until the start of October, that is, when a Microsoft exec said it was no longer a focus for the company.


In July, three years after version 8.1 shipped to users, Microsoft dropped support for the Windows phone. But at least Windows 10 Mobile was still alive—up until the start of October, that is, when a Microsoft exec said it was no longer a focus for the company.