In Just 48 Hours, You Could Be A Certified Google Analytics Expert

While many are looking at home sequestration as a negative, there are certainly ways to spin that mindset on its head and start viewing your current state as a serious positive.

With all this time on your hands, now you’ve got no excuse for not diving into handfuls of those tasks you’ve been considering for years. You know, the skills that should be on your resume already, but just fell by the wayside with so much else in your life demanding attention.

If your career crosses with the web in any fashion, Google Analytics training isn’t just useful, it’s practically required. From understanding the basic demographics of your site visitors to unlocking invaluable information about how and why users are interacting with your content, Google Analytics is like shining a flashlight on that often dark and murky process.

With the Google Analytics Certification: Get Certified In 2 Days course, students get all the background needed to be a searchlight in that darkness.

Designed for absolute beginners, this crash course promises to unlock all the knowledge you need to ace the Google Analytics certification exam with just two days of dedicated study. And considering Google Analytics specialists make an average salary over $73,000 a year, with top earners easily into the six-figure range, it’s definitely a skill that can open all kinds of new career opportunities.

Over 20 lectures featuring engaging HD video lessons, instructor Daragh Walsh leads students on a detailed overview of tips for passing the test on the first try. Packed with over 200 practice questions and answers, Walsh pinpoints three strategies that are guaranteed to reduce study time by 50 percent or more, all while putting the principles of Google Analytics in full view.

After just two days of in-depth study, you’ll be all set to take the free certification exam and add Google Analytics training to your resume, a powerful bullet point that proves you can find the insightful gold to be mined from the web’s premier analytics tool.

Usually $199.99, this training is now at its lowest price ever, just $13.99.

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