Master One Of The Most Popular Web Application Frameworks For Just $39

Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify, Airbnb, Twitch, SoundCloud and Hulu. Sure, that sounds like a laundry list of some of the most visible tech startups of the past decades. It’s also a list of forward-thinking companies who decided to build their soon-to-be industry-shifting platforms using Ruby on Rails.

Long known for its adaptability, scalability and unflappable consistency, Ruby on Rails has become one of the most respected methods for programming looking to build visually and structurally daring, yet soundly functional websites.

With the training in the Ruby on Rails Super Bundle ($39, over 90 percent off), students coming to Ruby for the first time will get a thorough look at the advantages of this powerful creative discipline.

This sprawling 10-course introduction goes over all the Ruby on Rails basics, including baseline skills like server-side coding, database design, HTML and CSS all the way up to more advanced tools for taking any website build to the next level.

Whether it’s operators and exceptions; or statements and loops; or symbols and RubyGem, this 106-hour behemoth training curriculum will reward investors with a highly-bankable new skill for dazzling current or prospective employers or clients.

The Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle is a $3,000 training package, a collection you can pick up right now for less than $4 per course, just $39.

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